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My recent work focused strongly in strategic management consulting advising a number of European and American broadcasters, network service providers and content owners in alignment of business strategy, processes and technology implementation.


If also includes proficiency in pre-sales and business development supporting, training and assisting both product- and sales groups in launching new and specialized products in establsihed and developing markets.


I am an interactive product application strategist with experience envisioning, developing and launching software products for the telecommunications, broadcasting and media market segments. Formally trained and qualified as a professional in R&D and development management, product and project management. Proficient in many computer languages and development methodologies who is up-to-date on new technologies and trends. Through my career I have had success in client delivery management with services and technical project delivery and deployment.


Well versed in professional services delivery and program management with a proven record in delivering services to customers from system integration, program management to hardware and software support and change management.


I am an experienced manager in either small or mid-sized organizations with a track record in departmental or business unit management. I am particilarly skilled in operations-, and financial management, but also proficient in human resources and infrastructure management.



My previous role has been dedicated around building, implementing and deploying the Digital Smart Home. I have responsibility for managing the Professional Services group and P&L for Technicolor (previously Thomson). In this capacity, I have been tasked to build and execute the Professional Services portfolio of services including the business case for each service, training and supporting the sales organization with all proposals and service material that includes all bid responses. It also includes all marketing for Professional Services and coordinating and running all programs like System Integration and Managed Services. It also previously included the customer engineering teams, responsible for Level-1,2 and 3 problem resolution at the customer.


Before this, I was responsible to build the Technicolor Pre-Sales and Business Development competence which included the strategic customer programs and evangelizing, marketing, positioning and requirement gathering of the end-to-end Technicolor Digital Home solution set.


Preceding this role, I was tasked with managing the Services Platform business in Technicolor (previously Thomson) for interactive video distribution to IPTV, mobileTV, WebTV, cable, DTT and satellite which included over-the-top services. Part of this responsibility included the delivery of all the services and project to customers. Additional to that, I was responsible for the NGN VoIP and IMS products in Thomson.


I was also responsible for Business Development for Thomson’s Over-the-Top product. This included prospective client development, client and partner strategy, standardization and managing the pipe-line directly.


For former employer, Alcatel-Lucent, I had responsibility for the Multimedia Business Unit. Its mission was the strategy, development, marketing and delivery of products across the converging multimedia environment of fixed IPTV, broadband (internet) and mobile video (on-demand and broadcast). This included responsibility for strategy, product development and project delivery to all customers, including management of all media partnerships like Microsoft, NDS, Nagra, OpenTV to name a few.


Also at Alcatel, I had responsibility for the Information, Communication and Entertainment Business Unit (ICE). The responsibility included the strategy, development and full rollout of all IPTV projects and products for Alcatel. Before heading the Business Unit, I held Product and Development (R&D) Management positions within the unit.


Before joining Alcatel, I was responsible for the IPTV application middleware in Thirdspace Living Limited. Thirdspace was a start-up formed by Oracle and Alcatel in 2000, subsequently Alcatel purchased the assets of Thirdspace in 2003.


In nCUBE Corporation, I worked in the cable industry in Europe and in the US in partner integration, leading the service organization and in Product Management. I was also site manager for our German office.


I joined nCUBE after consulting through Broadcast Project International (now known as 3Media) for various large operators in Europe, including UPC and Canal+, leading interactiveTV, NVOD and PPV projects.

Management Summary.

I have a proven track record of building business and operations from the ground up, especially with focus on market opportunity into strategy, strategy into product, solution or service development, and from development into delivery and then sustainable operations.


I have always been able to concentrating on balancing top-line objectives and opportunities with product investment (R&D expenditure and development cost optimization) and operational efficiency. As I was also held accountable for the P&L for recent businesses I was responsible for, I have been able to meet improved margin and operating profit. For Technicolor I have started the Professional Services business and grew revenue from opportunistic to predictable YOY growth of doubling top-line and outperforming budget. For previous businesses I turned business to meeting commitment and breakeven in 2 quarters, and in Alcatel, I successfully doubled top-line YOY from 2005 onward, for consecutive years.


In management, I have been responsible for business- and product strategy, human resource, recruiting and financial issues associated with running and operating departments within an organization. In business management, I am experienced in running small to medium-sized distributed organizations. I have experience in start-ups and agile environments.


I have also successfully operated as branch manager and run my own companies.


In addition to that I had opportunity to work building, restructuring and merging teams from various and even competing environments into operationally focused organizations. Within that defining strategy, process, communication, marketing escalating and resolution mechanisms.


I have 28 years of software product development exposure that includes 12 years of team management and development strategy. The responsibilities included the full development lifecycle and methodology definition.


In and during that time I’ve been responsible for managing large development and deployment projects in a diverse number of industries. Other than those mentioned, these industries cut across Finance, Health Care and the Governmental sectors.


I have been accountable for product managing the launch, marketing and productising of a number of software and service offerings to end consumers.

As part of my responsibilities I have been responsible for managing teams of various sizes and composition. This included managing team interaction and conflict resolution.


Currently, I am associated to Three Media Associates as working as industry knowledge expert to a number of consulting firms. You can find a synopsis of my employment history and contacts in CV section of this site.





You will find a link to some of the patents that I have co-authored at his link:

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